Examples of pragmatic IT measures by the CIO in response to the Corona crisis

What are pragmatic IT measures of the CIO in response to the Corona crisis? CIOs, IT managers and other IT managers are currently battling the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on business. Here is a selection of pragmatic measures and initiatives with which IT managers can react to the crisis: first, immediate measures to support remote work / home office and to stabilize the systems. Secondly, however, measures that make sense in the short term to adapt IT to the post-acute crisis and to set it up accordingly (2 pages PDF file).

Pragmatic IT measures in response to the Corona crisis – English version of LinkedIn: CIO's Pragmatic Immediate and Short-Term IT Reactions to Coronavirus Crisis: Curre
ntly, CIOs I talked to are fighting against the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The current focus is on enabling remote work and stabilizing IT operations. However, it appears very likely that the business impact of Coronavirus crisis will require CIOs to cut costs and prepare for a post-crisis – already in the short term. I tried to summarize both current and short-term pragmatic IT reactions on two pages.


IT Turnaround 2. Edition in preparation

The 2nd Edition of the technical book "IT-Turnaround" is currently in preparation.

In addition to numerous revisions, the following topics will also be discussed:

  • Digitalization pressure in the event of crisis-ridden IT: Opportunities for CIOs to act
  • How can prerequisites for digitization projects in the application landscape be
  • Cloud-based application strategies
  • DevOps, a bi-modal IT organization or IT of two speeds:
    Helpful for digitization projects?
  • Transition Management & Change Management as important core IT processes.

Release date March 2018 at Hanser-Verlag.

For example, you can place an order here:

Cover 2. Edition


Case Study: IT cost reduction at telecommunications provider Unify

Case Study on a successful project as interim manager and head of the gloable IT Cost Cutting Workstream (IT cost reduction). The project was carried out as part of the successful restructuring of a telecommunications company. A particular success was to "free up" the necessary budget funds for essential digitization projects in the company (link to the case study on the Atreus homepage) by reducing operational IT costs.


Book presentation at Lehmanns in Berlin

On March 5, 2015, at the invitation of the Lehmanns bookstore in Berlin, Friedrichstraße 128, a presentation of the technical book "IT-Turnaround" will take place.

Book presentation IT-Turnaround Berlin





Link to the events of Lehmanns.


Do we need turnaround CIOs? (Capgemini IT Trends Blog)

Every year, Capgemini publishes the highly recommended study "IT Trends", which can be taken up with many research of relevant market research companies. This is also the subject of a blog, which is also worth reading, which raised the question "Do we need turnaround CIOs?" (to the article), given that many companies seem to be overwhelmed by the digitalization of the business.

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