IT Quick Check: Well-founded, neutral assessment of the IT situation

Within the framework of the IT Quick Check (analog names IT-Health Check, IT-Review, IT-Assessment, IT-Audit) the well-founded, neutral assessment of the IT situation is in the foreground. Based on our many years of experience, we are able to provide a reliable assessment of the IT situation, including concrete action plans and initial implementations (“Quick Hits”) in a very short time (usually 2- 6 weeks) through appropriate focus and a structured approach – without “armies of consultants” flowing through the company and stopping your employees with obviousness and marginal problems. In addition, a medium-term course is taken to be prepared for future business and customer requirements on the basis of a sound IT orientation.

The scope of a quick check always depends on the current situation and the perceived challenges in IT. Research areas of a quick check can include, for example, the areas of application landscape, IT infrastructure, IT management, governance and the analysis of the project portfolio:

Scope IT Assessment