What the CIO should do in the IT crisis: Interview with CIO Magazine


CIO Magazine: Mr. Baur, why is your book published right now? Are corporate and IT crises on the rise?

Arnd Baur: The pressure on internal IT has increased even more. Not only does IT services have to be faster, better and cheaper as before, but the inevitable digitization of the business in many industries also faces additional, massive challenges. In addition to the CIO, some companies already have a Chief Digital Officer or transfer responsibility for IT at the customer interface to a Chief Marketing Officer. Extensive digitization projects, however, require a stable, flexible and agile IT landscape, which does not exist in many companies, but is often highly complex and inflexible. The pressure on IT continues to increase and can trigger or exacerbate crisis situations in IT.

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IT cost reduction: There are no "fixed" IT costs and "holy cows" in restructurings

In the context of company restructuringors or turnarounds in IT areas, the focus is often also on IT costs. The question arises as to where to start or where to which levers are to be moved, so that less costs do not result in less benefit.

In the vast majority of cases, it is not enough to collect the so-called "low hanging fruits", i.e. to achieve a significant reduction in IT costs by simple means. Many companies have gone through multiple cost-cutting rounds, and since IT represents a significant portion of overheads in companies, the corresponding costs have usually been considered several times.

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IT Restructuring: Specialist book "IT-Turnaround" is published on 4. September 2014

Technical book IT turnaround

IT-Turnaround Specialist Book

The technical book IT-Turnaround – Management Guide for the Restructuring of IT will be published on 4 May. September 2014 by Hanser-Verlag.

  • Management guide for the restructuring of IT in the company
  • Identifying deficits in IT, developing immediate measures, mastering crisis situations
  • Tried-and-tested procedure models, checklists and case studies from practice
  • Target group: Decision-makers in the Management Board and the Board of Management

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IT business alignment is a matter of course

The so-called IT business alignment is often mentioned when planning the IT orientation. This means that IT should be oriented towards the requirements of the business or that the strategic IT objectives must be aligned with the corporate strategy. From our point of view, IT and business are not two different components of a company that need to be brought together first.

There is no marketing business alignment or finance business alignment, because marketing and finance are not outside the business but are part of the company. Continue reading . . . .


Typical IT crisis symptoms

There are many typical signs that may indicate a crisis in IT – IT crisis symptoms. Depending on the industry, the size and culture of the company, the importance and maturity of IT in a company and, of course, the quality of management, completely different warning signals and crisis symptoms can be seen.

There is no general rule for diagnosing an IT crisis, but it is a canon of relevant signs that can indicate a crisis for experienced observers.

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